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Finance Software Selection

         Many of the personal finance software brands offer free-trial periods. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore a program and its various features before you commit to purchasing it. Certain features may be limited during trial periods, so make sure to check with a company's website first.

Computers have made it much easier to perform your most mundane tasks. Managing personal finances used to involve multiple trips to the bank, help from financial advisors and plenty of checks and stamps. Today, personal finance software has made it possible for most people to conduct all of their financial business through their home computers. Before you can use a personal finance program, you'll need to select one that meets your unique needs.

  • Evaluate your need for a personal finance program. If you're managing income and expenses from a small business, you may need to invest in a program with a range of features to support those needs. Many accounting software companies offer varying versions of the same basic program to meet the increasing demands of users.
  •  Compare prices by visiting the official websites of different software manufacturers. Once you have an understanding of the features you'll need in a program, it's time to compare prices. The price discrepancy between different programs can be substantial, so give yourself plenty of time to shop around before you select a software brand.
  •  Synchronize your bank account with your personal finance software. Look for a software brand that offers this feature and supports technology used by your individual bank. Many software programs will allow you to consolidate your bills into one system and issue automatic payments.
  •  Select a software program with an intuitive, graphically based interface. Computer programs can be difficult for laypeople to understand. Many software companies design programs that use graphics and self-guided tutorials to help average users learn to use each feature.
  •  Note your computer's operating system and technical specifications. Compare those stats to the system requirements listed on each different brand of personal finance software. While some programs might offer great features at a low price, the software might not be designed to run on your computer without a hardware upgrade.
  • Read technology magazines to find reviews.

The Great Blogging Software

BlogJet is a desktop blogging application that greatly simplifies posting to your blog. It is user-friendly, easy to use and elegant. Emphasize Your Viewpoint. You can make text bold, italics or even change colors and fonts, create numbered and bulleted lists. BlogJet displays text in editor so it looks the same as it will appear in browser. They call it WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). 

  1. User Friendly

      With an option to change the look by choosing one of number of available themes.
  2. Basic Color Coded HTML Editor
  3. Word Count
  4. Tag Support
  5. Auto Replace
  6. For lazy typist (like me); words that you commonly type can be configured to be replaced automatically.
  7. Thumbnail Image support
  8. Support FTP Upload
  9. Voice Recorder (Attachment) Uploader
  10. Customizable Ping List
  1. No HTML Code Blocks.

      To insert a block of code, you would need to switch the HTML Editor, locate the position in the post where you want the code to appear, type it, then switch back to the WYSIWYG
  2. Sloopy Code

      If the blogger isn’t careful. Some of the afflictions included empty and unclosed paragraph tags, and random non-breaking spaces. (No Idea why, did nothing out of the ordinary which awould generate them)
  3. No Way to strip paragraph tags
  4. Inflexible toolbar

      Adding or removing option from the visible toolbars is not possible, and logical item (i.e. save icon, open icon, font formatting, and so forth) are removed. Though shortcut key are favorable, it’s still nice to allow the user to decide which lesser used icons should disappear and which oft used icons should be included in the toolbar.
  5. Borks Previosly published Wordpress entries

      Wordpress doesn’t used paragraph tags when it saves a post from the admin panel, therefore, when you download the entry into blogjet. It lumps the content all into one giant blob with no logical divisions

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection

Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection is the smart choice for you if you are Build a Web Design Business, Graphic Design, Flash and Multimedia. Creative Suite 4 Master Collection Combine all the design product in 1 bundle.
Guide Review - Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection
Many people are scared away from the Adobe Master Collection due to the price. But this is a huge mistake. This bundle is one of the best deals Adobe offers, as the products sold individually cost over $6,000 and you can get the Master Collection for almost 60% less than that. This is a huge savings, and if you use these products regularly, is a great deal.

The Master Collection is the only suite that Adobe offers Web developers who post video to their websites. Even Web premium, which comes with SoundBooth, does not include Adobe's video editing tool Premiere. You have to either buy it separately or buy the Master Collection. And if you decide to buy Web Premium and Premiere Pro as a separate add-on, you only are saving about $100 from the Master Collection, which gives you so much more.
If you edit video for your Web pages, you should buy the Master Collection.

  • All the benefits of Dreamweaver CS4, plus connection to graphics and multimedia tools
  • Create dynamic Flash websites with vector images
  • Edit sound for podcasts
  • Edit video
  • All the tools needed for a full-service Web production shop 
  • It seems expensive
  • Same drawbacks as Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Contribute, AfterEffects, Premiere, SoundBooth, and Encore.Build Web pages, create Flash files, edit bitmap and vector graphics, manipulate sound and manage video.Bought separately, these products would cost more than $6,000.

Adobe Illustrator CS 3 Review

Back in 1986, Adobe introduced a postscript-based Drawing Program called Illustrator. A lot has happened since then, including Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia and Apple's adoption of Intel-based hardware. Now, more than 20 years since its first release, Adobe has released Illustrator CS3, which is part of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 family of products. Considering how little competition Illustrator has (FreeHand, which seems to be in limbo, is also owned by Adobe), you might think that Adobe has little incentive for putting much effort into a new version. But one look at Illustrator CS3 and it's obvious that Adobe hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. With innovative new features, improved integration with other applications, and many small enhancements, Illustrator CS3 impresses on many levels. The $599 ($199 upgrade) question is, does it impress enough to part with some of your hard-earned cash? Let's take a look.
Get Your Work Done Faster
Getting your work done quickly is paramount, and Illustrator CS3 helps you make your deadlines and even make it home in time for dinner in several ways. Adobe has promised better performance in past upgrades, but Illustrator CS3 is the first version where you can actually believe it. Illustrator ships as a universal binary application and therefore runs native on Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs running the Tiger OS. Illustrator also runs on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. While you can feel the performance enhancements on just about any system, CS3 really takes advantage of systems with multiple processors. On my PowerMac G4, Illustrator redraws complex artwork twice as fast. And large files simply fly on my MacBook Pro. Making it easier to navigate within the application, Illustrator CS3 features a new panel-based user interface that lets you turn panels (formerly known as palettes) . The new interface is consistent with Photoshop, InDesign, and even Flash CS3

The History of the iPod Podcast

What is now called a podcast traces its orgins to the first ipod podcasts, the creation of distributed mp3 files that could be downloaded and played on Apple's music player, the iPod. When the iPod came out, and users discovered what a wonderful thing it was for holding music, some people had the idea of loading things that weren't necessarily songs. Some of the people that got their hands on the iPod took the route of reverse engineering the iPod and loading on different firmware, or operating system, but others had the idea of sharing small sound files that could be played on the iPod. The technology for distributing the files already existed, with RSS feeds. RSS feeds were a means of generating machine readable files that could share information between a server and a user. Many blogs already used them to keep readers up to date with the latest posts, but some hopeful podcasters had the idea of enclosing links to sound files within the RSS feed and downloading the file to the computer.

With the change in RSS feeds, ipod podcast took off, and podcasting became a popular way to share files. Users saw podcasting as a way to become radio hosts, or dj's, and a variety of podcasts began popping up.Software was written to automatically check the RSS feeds, extract the links to the podcast episodes, and download the files. These programs became known as podcast clients.

By this time, podcasting had moved beyond the ipod, and they were not simply making an ipod podcast anymore. Some people had figured out how to use even the PlayStation Portable gaming console as a podcast player. It was more difficult that downloading podcasts to the ipod, since the PSP used a different format for it's files, but PSP podcasts began popping up. In addition, podcasting made inroads to the wider audience of people without iPods, who simply saw podcasting as an extremely convenient way to receive news, music, and entertainment over the internet.

Today, while the iPod podcast type still exists, fewer people subscribe to podcasts as a way of gaining portable media files they can listen to anywhere. Although that is still an attractive part of podcasting, it seems to be eclipsed by the ease with which podcasting has become a content delivery system. Now, podcasting has become tied up with the rising number of audio and video blogs, where blogging is done not by post, but through media files uploaded to the blog. These blogs, and podcasting in general, take advantage of the shrinking cost of broadband internet connections, and the rising number of people with high speed access to offer a picture of the internet rich with multimedia files.

Computer AntiVirus Software

5 Tips to Help Select the Right Solution           

 There are so many Computer AntiVirus software product available today that sometimes  It's hard to know where to start. The goal with this article is to provide you with a framework to judge whatever a computer antivirus software will be good for you.
  1.  Effective detection of Viruses - Obvious point but you need to fell confident that your software's will catch  a vast majority of the virus threats including worm and trojans. Visit  online website like PC World or CNet for trusted reviews.
  2. Value for money - a lot of the software vendors offer internet security suites which offer the antivirus software with other security tools including firewall software and spam filters. Typically these all in one packages offer better value for money than buying stand alone Antivirus software. At a minimun it is important to consider buying a package which includes a decent firewall which monitors both incoming and outgoing internet traffic in your computer. The Standart Windows firewall only monitors incoming traffic.
  3. Virus Definition Update - The best computer anti virus software offers automatic updates which ensure the best protection for your computer. New virus threats emerge almost daily so it is critical your antivirus software's virus definition database is refreshed frequently.
  4. User Interface - Need to be easy to use that you can configure the required setting without requiring  any technical knowledge. It also needs to convey information in plain English for the home user with easy to follow instructions.
  5. Technical Support - This is really important. The best packages offer free technical support. You will be surprised how many vendors actually charge for this - sometimes the charges per incident can be very high.

Bash HTML Editor

Bash HTML Editor 4.1

Unlike Most HTML editor, which are bloated and expansive yet offer little in actual features, Bash HTML Editor is designed to be completely utilitarian. 
Color-coded HTML.
Built-in FTP client
Get more out of your site with CSS style and Javascripts. 
Easily work with tables, forms, images, frames, and more. Quicly  makes site-wide changes with the Multi-File Processor. Integrated preview with full SSI support, even while offline, plus more.

OS           : Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista
License     : Shareware (Free to try)
Developer  : Bash Software

Free AntiVirus Software Reviews

Best FREE Anti Virus Software
Bellow are some of the best, completely free anti virus software and add-ons available on the Internet for download. When considering free anti virus software make sure it is a good as a paid program or look elsewhere, because free doesn't have to mean low quality or limited features as you will see from the following selections.

  1. Avast Home Edition -This anti virus software is available for home user. It is a complete anti virus software solution and will do a great job protecting your computer from viruses. You can download and register it on their website ( of course it's free. The Avast Home Edition features an On Demand Scanner, On Access Scanner (to protect e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Instant messengers, etc). It also has P2P Protection and a lightweight firewall. The NNTP Scanner can scan all Usenet Newsgroup traffic and all operations with files on PC. It's also has a real-time protection feature which is rather powerful. Program and Database updates are also incredible fast->Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  2. AntiVir Personal Edition Classic - The software uses very few computer resources so is especially good for older computer, but great free antivirus software available for free download ( The AntiVir PersonalEdition is for individual and private use on a single PC- workstation only, which can detect and remove more than 230 000 virus databases. It's features a resident Virus Guard which monitors file movements automatically such as downloading of data from the internet. It's scans and repairs macro viruses and protects againts boot record viruses and master boot record viruses, trojans, worms, and other malicious activities. You can easy update the database and support is free of change throuht the AntiVir Bulletin Board ( >Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

  3. AVG Free Edition - AVG free software is available for home users for personal and non-commercial use on a single Computer. Though it is limited in features compared to it's professional counterpart, the AVG Free Edition does include useful features such as Automatic healing, Reliabe Scanning engine, Sceduled scanning frequency, and Scheduled Update frequency (both once a day only). Optional automatic update upon Internet detection, and options to define file name extensions. There is also no technical support available. >Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

  4. RAV41CQ ( - This is a free antivirus program intended to be integrated into ICQ, one of the most instant messengers in the world. The program checks for and removes several types of viruses, trojans, worms, and other malwares. It is easily configurable and can scan inside archives, and take the desire actions for infected/ suspicious files, and creates a log file for later reference.
  5. 602LAN Suite ( - This secure mail server has an inbuilt antivirus and anti-spam guard. The software is meant to control internet sharing and is equipped with NAT and Web Content file proxy. It also features standart based SSL SMTP/POP3 e-mail server that enables encrypted communiction, junk mail protection and an integrated fax server. Access to the web mail client, shared address book, remote administration and user home pages is provided by the integrated Web Server. Other Features include text content based Bayesian Spam Filter, Web Mail Client with WAP support, network address translation, attachment filer, PureSight proxy content filter, auto-update and active reports.
  6. Futureca Anti Virus Outlook - especially add-on designed for Microsoft Outlook. Is scans all incoming and outgoing mail messages for viruses in real time, and immediately alerts the user if it detect one. It is quite useful if you are a regular Outlook User, and the virus definition database can easily be updated over the internet. Download for free (

Free CD Burning Software

Alternative CD / DVD Burning Software for your Media Collection 

CD Burning software is essential for anyone who want to back-up their files in CD/DVD media. It's important to back-up your computer data. If you are collect music song in to CD/DVD, this software can create audio CD's, MP3, WAV, WMA, and others files type. Even though Software Media Players such as Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Players, are able to burn music to CD or DVD media, but the features are very limited on what they can do. Using a decicated burning program gives you flexibility to burn music, video, and other types of files to CD, DVD, and even Blu-ray; this can open up a lot more possibilities on on the way you use and store your digital media. If you are looking for a CD Burning Software, Software listed below has been selected specially for it's usefulness and ease-of-use when dealing with digital media, absolutely it's free.
  1. CDBurnerXP Pro 4 - CDBurnerXP is one of the best CD Burning Utilities. CDBurnerXP has very good support for burning Music to CD as either an audio CD, Or a data CD (MP3, AAC, OGG, etc). If can be installed on Windows2000 /2003 /XP /Vista, and offers a user friendly interface. You can create audio CD using mp3, ogg, flac,wma, and wav file extentensions. Here are some features of CDBurnerXP Software:

    • Writes all kind of medium apart from double-layer DVD (follows in next version).
    • Burning video-DVDs is limited.
    • Burn audio-CDs with and without gaps between tracks.
    • Burn on the fly / burn-proof.
    • Supports most IDE, USB, Firewire, and SCSI drives.
    • Rip Audio-CDs to Hard Drive, obtain track-information (ID-tags) from internet.
    • Burn and create iso files.
    • Customizable with many settings.
    • Data verification after burn, create bootable disc.
    • (will be) available in multiple languages.
    • 100% freeware- no adware restrictions.
    • bin/nrg-iso converter simple cover printing and much more!
    • Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
  2. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free 6.7 - Ashampoo Burning Studio free only support on Mp3 and WMA file formats, It more than makes up for this shortfall by sizeable feature set. This free burning software support CD, DVD, and Blu-ray drives media giving you flexible storage options. It's intuitive interface gives you access to tasks such as ripping and burning audio / data. CDs, backup files and folder, burn movies, create iso/bin images, and a copier for duplicating CDS, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  3. Express Burn 4 - Available for the Windows and MacOS. Express Burn is a CD authoring program that supports a wide array of audio formats. This light-weight, but functioal program that supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV, AU, RA, AIFF, and a few other obscure audio formats like .raws and .amr, etc. The program is also capable of data CDs, burning seamless audio track, and more.
  4. FinalBurner Free - You can create data/ audio CDs, video DVDs, and make ISO images with FinalBurner Burning software. There are also built in CD ripper that is capable of encoding MP3, and WMA files in varying bitrates. A good file format support is had  by this software when creating audio CDs. You can import mp3, wma, ogg, wav, aac, along with less popular formats like mid, and music module (XM, MOD) that are used in music sequencers (trackers). As with all the burning programs in this article. FinalBurning has enought options to be a good substitute for expensive products such as Nero, etc.
  5. Free Audio CD Burner - The simple software to create audio CDs then you won't go far wrong with frre Audio CD Burner. Even though it only supports the writing of CDs, it can decode mp3 and WMA files in realtime, It's save your time & hard drive space.

Theme Software

The Amazing Effect of Theme Software
How many of you know about theme software? Many of you may know because it used quite often. The term and terminologies related to the computer are also becoming quite familiar  to us. Let us look at some of advantages of  theme software.
Software is actually an important component of computers, like hardware. You should be able to demarcate between the hardware and the software. Hardware is the component  that are easily viewed. and remain attached physically with the main system like the keyboard, mouse, ,printers, etc. Software, on the other hand, is the language of the computer that assist the computer in responding to our queries in computerized language. This article would deal with a particular type of software that is theme software, Let us proceed.
It's created to overcome the monotonous life of the people. Wouldn't you like to make some change in your life? Of course Yes. Computer is an integral parts of our lives. We spend most of our times in front of the computer. To make it interesting, Theme Software is used. It offers a new look to your computer screen. The appearance of the computer is embellished with with the Theme Software.
It's actually the theme creator of your computer. It takes all the hassle out for creating desktop theme. Instant Theme Creator, for example is a shareware software. So you can try it free of cost before you buy it. If you want to use further then you have to pay for it. Shareware also demand license to be held for it's use. Do you know the different between a Shareware and Freeware? Shareware is mentioned earlier. So now you might have knowledge about shareware. Freeware is very different. It can be accessed free of cost and license need not be held to avail the freeware software program. It can be both freeware and shareware.  You can redistributed program need to be paid for again by those who want to use it.
It assist you in getting the most attractive wallpapers. In almost all of theme software the instruction are clearly written so that anyone can follow it. It is too easy to use and even your kids can download it if he is familiar with the computer operations. It's actually a desktop manager. It managers your computer desktop, however the mind behind the sequence of management is always yours. Like you can set some formats so that when you switch on your computer a digital clock appears in the right hand corner of your screen. It's automatically updated. Again there are very attractive screen savers.
Theme software can be of any an many types. There are animated ones as well. You can even select the wallpapers from your favorite movies. It enhances the scope of changing the lifestyle and the way of viewing thing differently on your computer.