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Computer AntiVirus Software

5 Tips to Help Select the Right Solution           

 There are so many Computer AntiVirus software product available today that sometimes  It's hard to know where to start. The goal with this article is to provide you with a framework to judge whatever a computer antivirus software will be good for you.
  1.  Effective detection of Viruses - Obvious point but you need to fell confident that your software's will catch  a vast majority of the virus threats including worm and trojans. Visit  online website like PC World or CNet for trusted reviews.
  2. Value for money - a lot of the software vendors offer internet security suites which offer the antivirus software with other security tools including firewall software and spam filters. Typically these all in one packages offer better value for money than buying stand alone Antivirus software. At a minimun it is important to consider buying a package which includes a decent firewall which monitors both incoming and outgoing internet traffic in your computer. The Standart Windows firewall only monitors incoming traffic.
  3. Virus Definition Update - The best computer anti virus software offers automatic updates which ensure the best protection for your computer. New virus threats emerge almost daily so it is critical your antivirus software's virus definition database is refreshed frequently.
  4. User Interface - Need to be easy to use that you can configure the required setting without requiring  any technical knowledge. It also needs to convey information in plain English for the home user with easy to follow instructions.
  5. Technical Support - This is really important. The best packages offer free technical support. You will be surprised how many vendors actually charge for this - sometimes the charges per incident can be very high.

Bash HTML Editor

Bash HTML Editor 4.1

Unlike Most HTML editor, which are bloated and expansive yet offer little in actual features, Bash HTML Editor is designed to be completely utilitarian. 
Color-coded HTML.
Built-in FTP client
Get more out of your site with CSS style and Javascripts. 
Easily work with tables, forms, images, frames, and more. Quicly  makes site-wide changes with the Multi-File Processor. Integrated preview with full SSI support, even while offline, plus more.

OS           : Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista
License     : Shareware (Free to try)
Developer  : Bash Software

Free AntiVirus Software Reviews

Best FREE Anti Virus Software
Bellow are some of the best, completely free anti virus software and add-ons available on the Internet for download. When considering free anti virus software make sure it is a good as a paid program or look elsewhere, because free doesn't have to mean low quality or limited features as you will see from the following selections.

  1. Avast Home Edition -This anti virus software is available for home user. It is a complete anti virus software solution and will do a great job protecting your computer from viruses. You can download and register it on their website ( of course it's free. The Avast Home Edition features an On Demand Scanner, On Access Scanner (to protect e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Instant messengers, etc). It also has P2P Protection and a lightweight firewall. The NNTP Scanner can scan all Usenet Newsgroup traffic and all operations with files on PC. It's also has a real-time protection feature which is rather powerful. Program and Database updates are also incredible fast->Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  2. AntiVir Personal Edition Classic - The software uses very few computer resources so is especially good for older computer, but great free antivirus software available for free download ( The AntiVir PersonalEdition is for individual and private use on a single PC- workstation only, which can detect and remove more than 230 000 virus databases. It's features a resident Virus Guard which monitors file movements automatically such as downloading of data from the internet. It's scans and repairs macro viruses and protects againts boot record viruses and master boot record viruses, trojans, worms, and other malicious activities. You can easy update the database and support is free of change throuht the AntiVir Bulletin Board ( >Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

  3. AVG Free Edition - AVG free software is available for home users for personal and non-commercial use on a single Computer. Though it is limited in features compared to it's professional counterpart, the AVG Free Edition does include useful features such as Automatic healing, Reliabe Scanning engine, Sceduled scanning frequency, and Scheduled Update frequency (both once a day only). Optional automatic update upon Internet detection, and options to define file name extensions. There is also no technical support available. >Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

  4. RAV41CQ ( - This is a free antivirus program intended to be integrated into ICQ, one of the most instant messengers in the world. The program checks for and removes several types of viruses, trojans, worms, and other malwares. It is easily configurable and can scan inside archives, and take the desire actions for infected/ suspicious files, and creates a log file for later reference.
  5. 602LAN Suite ( - This secure mail server has an inbuilt antivirus and anti-spam guard. The software is meant to control internet sharing and is equipped with NAT and Web Content file proxy. It also features standart based SSL SMTP/POP3 e-mail server that enables encrypted communiction, junk mail protection and an integrated fax server. Access to the web mail client, shared address book, remote administration and user home pages is provided by the integrated Web Server. Other Features include text content based Bayesian Spam Filter, Web Mail Client with WAP support, network address translation, attachment filer, PureSight proxy content filter, auto-update and active reports.
  6. Futureca Anti Virus Outlook - especially add-on designed for Microsoft Outlook. Is scans all incoming and outgoing mail messages for viruses in real time, and immediately alerts the user if it detect one. It is quite useful if you are a regular Outlook User, and the virus definition database can easily be updated over the internet. Download for free (

Free CD Burning Software

Alternative CD / DVD Burning Software for your Media Collection 

CD Burning software is essential for anyone who want to back-up their files in CD/DVD media. It's important to back-up your computer data. If you are collect music song in to CD/DVD, this software can create audio CD's, MP3, WAV, WMA, and others files type. Even though Software Media Players such as Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Players, are able to burn music to CD or DVD media, but the features are very limited on what they can do. Using a decicated burning program gives you flexibility to burn music, video, and other types of files to CD, DVD, and even Blu-ray; this can open up a lot more possibilities on on the way you use and store your digital media. If you are looking for a CD Burning Software, Software listed below has been selected specially for it's usefulness and ease-of-use when dealing with digital media, absolutely it's free.
  1. CDBurnerXP Pro 4 - CDBurnerXP is one of the best CD Burning Utilities. CDBurnerXP has very good support for burning Music to CD as either an audio CD, Or a data CD (MP3, AAC, OGG, etc). If can be installed on Windows2000 /2003 /XP /Vista, and offers a user friendly interface. You can create audio CD using mp3, ogg, flac,wma, and wav file extentensions. Here are some features of CDBurnerXP Software:

    • Writes all kind of medium apart from double-layer DVD (follows in next version).
    • Burning video-DVDs is limited.
    • Burn audio-CDs with and without gaps between tracks.
    • Burn on the fly / burn-proof.
    • Supports most IDE, USB, Firewire, and SCSI drives.
    • Rip Audio-CDs to Hard Drive, obtain track-information (ID-tags) from internet.
    • Burn and create iso files.
    • Customizable with many settings.
    • Data verification after burn, create bootable disc.
    • (will be) available in multiple languages.
    • 100% freeware- no adware restrictions.
    • bin/nrg-iso converter simple cover printing and much more!
    • Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
  2. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free 6.7 - Ashampoo Burning Studio free only support on Mp3 and WMA file formats, It more than makes up for this shortfall by sizeable feature set. This free burning software support CD, DVD, and Blu-ray drives media giving you flexible storage options. It's intuitive interface gives you access to tasks such as ripping and burning audio / data. CDs, backup files and folder, burn movies, create iso/bin images, and a copier for duplicating CDS, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  3. Express Burn 4 - Available for the Windows and MacOS. Express Burn is a CD authoring program that supports a wide array of audio formats. This light-weight, but functioal program that supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC, WAV, AU, RA, AIFF, and a few other obscure audio formats like .raws and .amr, etc. The program is also capable of data CDs, burning seamless audio track, and more.
  4. FinalBurner Free - You can create data/ audio CDs, video DVDs, and make ISO images with FinalBurner Burning software. There are also built in CD ripper that is capable of encoding MP3, and WMA files in varying bitrates. A good file format support is had  by this software when creating audio CDs. You can import mp3, wma, ogg, wav, aac, along with less popular formats like mid, and music module (XM, MOD) that are used in music sequencers (trackers). As with all the burning programs in this article. FinalBurning has enought options to be a good substitute for expensive products such as Nero, etc.
  5. Free Audio CD Burner - The simple software to create audio CDs then you won't go far wrong with frre Audio CD Burner. Even though it only supports the writing of CDs, it can decode mp3 and WMA files in realtime, It's save your time & hard drive space.

Theme Software

The Amazing Effect of Theme Software
How many of you know about theme software? Many of you may know because it used quite often. The term and terminologies related to the computer are also becoming quite familiar  to us. Let us look at some of advantages of  theme software.
Software is actually an important component of computers, like hardware. You should be able to demarcate between the hardware and the software. Hardware is the component  that are easily viewed. and remain attached physically with the main system like the keyboard, mouse, ,printers, etc. Software, on the other hand, is the language of the computer that assist the computer in responding to our queries in computerized language. This article would deal with a particular type of software that is theme software, Let us proceed.
It's created to overcome the monotonous life of the people. Wouldn't you like to make some change in your life? Of course Yes. Computer is an integral parts of our lives. We spend most of our times in front of the computer. To make it interesting, Theme Software is used. It offers a new look to your computer screen. The appearance of the computer is embellished with with the Theme Software.
It's actually the theme creator of your computer. It takes all the hassle out for creating desktop theme. Instant Theme Creator, for example is a shareware software. So you can try it free of cost before you buy it. If you want to use further then you have to pay for it. Shareware also demand license to be held for it's use. Do you know the different between a Shareware and Freeware? Shareware is mentioned earlier. So now you might have knowledge about shareware. Freeware is very different. It can be accessed free of cost and license need not be held to avail the freeware software program. It can be both freeware and shareware.  You can redistributed program need to be paid for again by those who want to use it.
It assist you in getting the most attractive wallpapers. In almost all of theme software the instruction are clearly written so that anyone can follow it. It is too easy to use and even your kids can download it if he is familiar with the computer operations. It's actually a desktop manager. It managers your computer desktop, however the mind behind the sequence of management is always yours. Like you can set some formats so that when you switch on your computer a digital clock appears in the right hand corner of your screen. It's automatically updated. Again there are very attractive screen savers.
Theme software can be of any an many types. There are animated ones as well. You can even select the wallpapers from your favorite movies. It enhances the scope of changing the lifestyle and the way of viewing thing differently on your computer.

Free Kitchen Design Software

Kitchen Design Software

Kitchen can make a home fell really complete, nothing is more important than a well-kept, fully equipped and strategically design kitchen cook delicious meals, and let a family sit and share their day's activities. The elaborate designs and modern kitchen utensils and appliances show us how much the kitchen environment has  evolved throughout the years.
Information technology had made almost dreaming come reality. Nowday, there are an amount of design software that let you design your dream Kitchen room or a virtual look at how your kitchen would like to see. Most of the design software allows you to add lighting, color, furniture and almost anything that you would need. The best part is that software usually has a catalog of product from various manufacturers and designers for you to choose from. Several Design that specifically for kitchen design are available, such as DecoTech™ Designer, 20-20 Design, Kitchen Design Software, Design Plus, and AutoKitchen Pro. 

DecoTech™ Designer  is a sophisticated easy-to-use software program that is ideal for kitchen specialist, designers or anyone who is planning to renovate their kitchen.

20-20 Design is recognized worldwide.  It's dynamic program allows for 3D, full-color, and photo-like rendering, which in turn allows designers to archieve realistic kitchen envirovments at every angle with the possibility to zoom in any desired section of the kitchen. The kitchen design software lets you consider planning, designing, and building an indoor kitchen home. This software even let's you chose kitchen furniture, fittings, fixtures, sink, flooring and all other features that might be needed in the kitchen.  It allows for the user to visualize the kitchen before going a head to build it.

AutoKitchen Pro is a stand-alone software application that includes the Auto CAD® OEM engine. This software comes with universal cabinet catalogs, and  catalog editor which allows you to make alterations to heights, materials, cabinet frames and other features. It has over 150 cabinet door styles and more than 100 knobs and pulls. Design Plus software is an equally good software programs which helps you determine cabinet sizing, drawers and doors, and final layout.

Kitchen design software is meant to give you and idea of how your kitchen would look if you were to choose certain colors, fittings and appliances. Its a great and inexpensive way for you to  get started designing and building your own kitchen.

Logo Design Software

Make Logo using Logo Design Software

Logo is the graphic element of a trademark or brand, which is set in a special typeface or arranged in a particular, but legible way. The color, shape, and type face of a Logo have to be different from others in a similar market. 
Make a good Logo is one of the most marketing tools. A good logo design represents a good company that customers can put their trust in. Your company logo must be a good to look at and fell of "art". A company's logo is the proverbial first impression upon it's potential customers; it's the first thing they see and it will instantly cause them to be interested or disinterested in your company. So where exactly do all these logos come from? And how can a business get one of their own?

Many people choose to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on an expensive graphic design to create at their Company Logo, there is an even easier way. Logo design software is one of save solution to get the custom logo of your own. The large amount of different logo design software out on the market, however and being able to distinguish what you want from what you  don't need important.
There is much of software available on the market which can help you create your own logo. You can also download basic graphic from others sites, and choose the design templates of your choice and make your own free logo design. The process requires user to download and install logo design software. You then need to choose a logo template, add new logo objects, customize shape, colors and designs, adjust the overall logo and get your new own logo at no cost.
A good logo should be unique and is not similar to any other branded logo. It has to be functional and should look good on a business card and on products. An attractive logo crates a unique identity for a company, and a little research and effort can help you develop a beautiful logo at the lowest possible cost.

Web Design Tools

Web Design Guide 
Web designing entails use of a whole gamut of tools-for text, graphics, menus, flash animation, navigation, design, color selection, front selection, authoring, programming and e-commerce development. The use of technologically advanced and effective tools ensure that the website attracts target audience and lists high in the search engines and directories.
Different tools are used in different aspects of web designing. Text links use HTML meta tags, graphics along with navigation buttons, drop down menus use JavaScript and CGI among other, and special effects need tools such as Adobe Flash, and Adobe Photoshop. By far, Adobe Photoshop are the most commonly used tools in web design. Certain graphic designers also use Adobe DreamWeaver. Flash help in animation that if used well, can be an attractive feature in a website. PHP is the most common language for scripting and SQL with other database engines are used for database management on the website. Web Templates are also used for the layout of a webpage. 
Apart from tools that make the site presentable and esily navigable, there also content creation tools that help in creating Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content.  A word or a phrase, based on the world wide searches is rated on tools such as Overtune. Once the most populaity searched worlds in your industry are identified and short-listed, the content creators write content using these search world. This ensures that your website lists high in the search engines and directories. A combination of the right HTML text, background images, and graphic images with the right and most legible typefaces and fonts are required if website has to popular among your target audience.
Web promotion and e-commerce tools help in marketing your website. Pay-per-click Search Engine Promotion, Loyalty Programs, E-mail Campaigns and Online Games are some tools used for website promotion. Tools such as site statistics software and reporting from site searches let you know what exactly your visitor looking for. The content and marketing strategic are then adjusted accordingly.
A part from the tools, designing a good website also requires the skills and expertise of a range of professionals. A web site must essentially be written, programmed, and designed for the end users. A site that is written, codded, and designed for user friendliness and search engine visibility gets the most traffic and results in boosting sales. Again, understanding the products, service or information  that your target audience is looking for important in the design, maintenance and re-design of your website.

Kitchen Design Software

A Guide of Free Kitchen Design Software
Will you build a new Kitchen to your home.? Build a new Kitchen is one of the most exiting renovations that you'll do to your home. Kitchen area is the favorite area of your house. It's where your family comes to talk and where food is prepared for meals. Kitchen is the area that receives a lot of traffic in your home. So, design a new kitchen will be rewarding and exiting. You can leave your own Stylish mark if you're  using Kitchen Design Software to help you create your new kitchen area, before the Contractors even the begin the work.
Feature The Software Should to Have
Kitchen Design can be daunting if you are uninitiated. A large amount of factor to consider such as the dimension of your kitchen, the coloring, Lighting, Location of key appliances (build-in refrigerators, stove, etc), Counter tops, Island and more. For these elements your software should offer features that can provide flexibility in designing. You should be able to input your kitchen's dimensions, control light sources and shadows through out the kitchen and view the entire room in 3D. Choose a design software should come with templates and furniture objects that you can modify while your design the room.
You should be able to select from various types of materials to gain an appreciation for how different types of wood and granite might look through out your new kitchen. Most of the best program will allow you to design with a preloaded library of fixtures for cabinet doors and drawers. Finally, when you've completed the design of your kitchen, your software should be able to offer a report of the materials needed to finish the jobs.
The Splendor of a New Kitchen
The heart  of your house will be located in your new kitchen. You'll use it many time a day. Using an three dimension (3D) Software that it's robust enough to help you visualize every element. Each piece of your kitchen room, from the placement of your stove to inclusion of an island to the location of the lights will impact how you and others feel while spending time there. Make sure you use a design program that helps you build the kitchen of your dreams.

House Design Software

Remodel your dream home with Interior and house design Software, by creating full-collor, printable image. that idea you can experiment to looking your home as different colour paint, with different windows, additional features or change of fixtures. Find an exterior remodeling software that will allows you to see the changes you intend to make to the exterior of your home by surfing on the internet. That way you can ensure that you are satisfied with the result before doing the alterations.
What are you waiting for? Be the envy of the neighbourhood with your house designer software. Decorate your home's interior using the design software before you spend much of money to buy materials. Renew your entire home from kitchen and bath design to basement remodeling. Get started today! It's easy. Are you longing for a better, bigger or brand-new-home? Buy or upgrade your house with professional house design application software.
Stop dreaming and start designing! makes it real. You will find software featuring professional tools in an easy, intuitive interface, 3D Home Architect Software is the jump-start you've been looking for. Now there is no reason why you cannot remodel your home.
There are also find e-Books on do it yourself papering, design, cleaning, guide on buying a home, letting your property and saving money. Do it yourself with remodeling and home improvement software or with the help of an eBook.
You will also find a vast range of eBooks on house and home topics. There is do it yourself painting, decorating, design, construction, masonry, plumbing, remodel, renovation, repair, cleaning and caretaking. 
Your Home is your castle, or so it will be, and you don't need an interior decorator. Should you felling proud of your home. You will find all the help you need on the Internet. The time and effort will be well worth it. It's the best investment you will ever make, rewarding and it's fun! Make your dream house comes real.

Free Blog Software

Comparing Blog Software
Blogging is stand for Web Logging, with the increased interest in Blog, many web-hosting providers now provide an  assortment of free usage, open source blogging software packages, as knows as CMS (Content Management Service). 
What's a content management system (CMS)? A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don't have to.
Among the most popular of these blogging tools are B2evolution, Joomla, Wordpress, Nucleus, and Druppal. Each of these programs offer similar basic features, so the question arises as to which one is easiest to use and would be appropriate for the requipments of your particular website.
The answer lies in the true purpose of your blog website. If your primary goal is share your opinions and ideas with the general public, you would want to utilize a different blogging tool than a user who was creating product blogs as a commercial sales effort. A blog for search engine promotion would have entirely different requirements. All of these uses are viable reasons to create a blog, however each requires different features to be succesfull.

Joomla Blogging Software (download for free at )
Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. Joomla is designed to be easy to install and set up even if you're not an advanced user. Many Web hosting services offer a single-click install, getting your new site up and running in just a few minutes. Since Joomla is so easy to use, as a Web designer or developer, you can quickly build sites for your clients. Then, with a minimal amount of instruction, you can empower your clients to easily manage their own sites themselves.
If your clients need specialized functionality, Joomla is highly extensible and thousands of extensions (most for free under the GPL license) are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory.
Wordpress Blogging Software 
(download for free at
It hard to beat Wordpress for general personal software. Wordpress is an open source software, state of-the-art personal publishing platform with a focus on presentation and usability. Everything related to creating and updating your blog is available thourgh an intuitive graphhical interface. With Wordpress there is no need to compile your work. You simply write your column. you then select the features you want and your blog is instantly created and published to your website.
If you are on vacation, you can schedule your uploads for some date in the future or even email your column to the server. The system allows multiple family members or friends to create their own blogs along with yours. Easy customization and the availability of many "Wordpress Plug-ins" that provide more funcionally (add features as you learn) makes this software a very good choice for most individuals. 
B2evolution (available for free download at
B2evolution is another advanced web Blog tool that features an integrated XHTML validator. It support recursive subcategories, cross posting and has a really cool integrated "skinning" system. The "skinning" system allows you create multiple blogs in separate categories with different appearences for each blogs. You simply "change the skin" for the blog to create a totally new look and feel. The "skinning" feature, combined with the built in multi-user administration management tool, makes the system robust enought for more commercial endeavors, such as product promotion blogs. If you are have much to publish with multiple themes, this is the software you are looking for.
Nucleus Blogging Software (download for free at
Though Nucleus is an extreamly robust blogging tool in its own right, it also contains some powerful features that can provide benefits in promotion of your blog. Nucleus offers the ability to optimize its URLS, creating simple page addresses that do not have and "&" or "=" characters. This makes the pages search engine (and user friendly). Another great feature is the abilityto show the content of multiple weblogs on one page. This allow a website owner to manipulate the optimum text/keyword balance on pages for better search engine rankings.
Nucleus also provide RSS and Atom feeds that can be extreamly helpful when promoting a website. If part of your blog's function is to work as a search engine marketing and promotion tool. Nucleus is a exceptional software package.
Drupal Blogging software (download for free at
Drupal is an open source Content Management Service (CMS) platform. Equipped with a powerful blend of features. Drupal supports a variety of website ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.
Each of these blogging software packages offer the basic tools that you would need to create a successful blog and all three are PHP-MySQL open source packages. You should try to select the software that helps you archieve the long term goal that you have in mind for your website based on the unique extra features offered by each.

Freeware Accounting Software

Open Source Accounting Software- is Software Solution for you.?

I'm really like open source software, because Open Source is matter and have access appeals for me. It's a building block of the work I do with my clients. It's my "style" so naturally it's an integral part of the way I want to see the world.
For me, Open source software is very useful things for newbie entrepreneur, small businesses, and non profit client. Open Source is an alternative to high-priced software vendor such as QuickBook aAccounting, MyOB, Microsoft Office, Norton AntiVirus, and Adobe Program. While these are good products, they're expansive and likely to suck the user into an annual cycle of buying new version at increasingly higher costs.
And those costs increase not only in term of product purchase price, but in system conflicts, system bloat, learning curve due to functionally changes, sometimes even forcing the user to buy new equipment altogether just to "keep up". So, I was asked "What else can I do ?" Sometimes the answer is easy.
If you are user working ar home, Open Source Software is interested to try. I recommend OpenOffice (free office software) as a dependable and full-featured alternative to Microsoft Office Software. You should have to know that there are trade-offs. Totally, nothing is really free. Generally, Open source software doesn't have a technical support. Much of users like knowing that there's an 101 number way they can call when they have a question even thought is recomended that you check with the software company's web based support site before calling. The typically of Open Source Developers are create a forum as Media-support. The User can post comment and question in the forum. These forums and online support pages are really helpfull than critics give them credit for.

If you are looking for Open Source Software for your business accounting needs? I recommend you discuss with your accountant before using any of the accounting software available. There are more number of things that should be considered as you evaluate various accounting packages. Other considerations before purchasing accounting software are:
  • Is the accounting software you are considering able to handle your current data?
  • Will the accounting program grow with your business? Can you uppgrade or get additional components at a discounted rate?
Answering the following questions will help you identify what you need in an accounting application:
  1. What type of business do you have? for example; are you are consultant that work from a home office or have you formed a non-profit organization or are you retail store with several employees? Identifying the type and capacity of your business will help determine if you need inventory management capabilities or a specialized accounting packages for your industry.
  2. Do you manage inventory? Some accounting application don't have feature inventory management.
  3. How many employess do you have? Will you be outsourcing payroll or doing it in home? This determines wheather you need a full-featured payroll component in the software that you choose.
  4. Do you bid on jobs and submit estimates? If this is something you do then a feature that allows you convert estimates to invoices and allow for progress billing would be valuable.
  5. Who will do bookkeeping? If you do not have the skills, but don't have a bookkeeper you would want accounting software that is easy to use.

Some bussines owner are reluctant to choose Open Source Software because Open Source Software doesn't technical support, perhaps. Some of these software applications have fairly robust help section or access to online support materials to guide you throught the features and functions of the software, for example; User need are bookkeeping and accounting support, which the software company, regardless of which one you choose, doesn't offer.

Having opinion all of that, below are 3 most popular Open Source Accounting Software available. The descriptions of the software product are from the official company website.
  • GnuCash Financial Accounting Software ( - GnUCash is apersonal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under GNU/ GPL and available for GNU/ Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. GnUCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks , income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register. It is based on proffesional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.
  • Grisbi Personal Acconting ( - Grisbi is a personal accounting application running under GNU/Linux and Windows, released under General Public Licence (GPL). Grisbi can manage multiple accounts, currencies and users. It manages third party, expenditure and receipt categories, as well budgetary lines, financial years, and others information that makes it quite adapted for association (except those that require double entry accounting).
  • OSAS Open Source Accounting Suite ( - OSAS is award -winning accounting software for Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac users. Churches, charities, and small corporations can use OASAS. The main features of this software-product include separation of duties, General Ledger Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, Budgeting, Donation, Accounting, and Reporting.

Kids Online Games

The rules of Kids Online Games

The games that kids can play when they are connected to the Internet using either a computer of a video console (like: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Wii ) called Kids Online Games. Absolutely, kids loves games, by the day have latched on big-time Kids get net-savvier to online games. Compare today's kids Online Games to how kids used to assemble together to play board games. I'm confident, you will surprised to see how fast kids are growing and how rapidly they are maturing.

Device and Games of Kids Online Games:
  1. Computer : In this case the games are most likely to browser-based, simple, fun or educational type, Knowledge (Hangman, Scrabble), Involving Sport (Racing, fottbal, GT), Arcade (Space Invaders, Mario), etc. Some kids cannot play massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) because there is a monthly subscription involved. However, commpanies such as Disney have started developing MMOG for Kids.
  2. Video Console; Kids really freak out on a video console. They just love video console gaming because the learning curve is easy and there are not too many buttons to push (as in PC Online Games).
Online games can improve their knowledge, if they play education games. In fact, while playing MMOG kids can learn real-world skill concepts, such as commerce, barter, mining, chemistry, all of which can be useful in real life. Kids online games also teach them interactivity, and also how to talk to strangers and how to make friends.
The flipside is that if playing these games is not controlled then kids might get a addicted to them and this addiction is dangerous-almoust as dangerous as taking a banned substance or even as dangerous as smoking. If Kids squat for a long time playing these games, they might get obese. Some browser-based games can be graphically violent and leave a deep impression on their psyche (e.g. some browser games may involve shooting a politician). While playing multiplayer games online, a kids might get in contact with a stranger who might be up to no good. Many video console games feature too much graphic and that is not nicefor a kids at an impressionable age.

Home Interior Design Software

Remodeling Your Home with an Interior Design Software

If you are under taking an Interior Design Project, Using a Interior Design software is the first priority and the software can be very helpful. Interior Design software can help you choose color and place furniture. Much of Interior design software available, so choose wisely.

This software allows you to create the room you are decorating right on the computer. You can input measurements from your exiting room to get the new design exact in size, every detail replicated right down to scale. Then, as you see and help design the build of your new room, after you pick out appliances and so forth, you get to the next, perhaps best features in some software. You can try out different colors and design on your own room right on your computer. Some home interior design programs will also let you download a picture of your room. Then you can really get a good feel of how a color or design will work in your space.
Home Design software is especially helpful when planning a new home. You can take a three-dimensional (3D) walk through your dream-home and see what like before it gets built so that you can make any changes before it's too late. That's the beauty of interior design software, it allows you to find flaws in your design before one single penny has been spent, or one part of your house has been demolished to make way for your new project.

You can also use interior design software to completely remodel a room. You can see what a room would like with part of a wall missing or with the whole wall missing. The only thing the interior design software cannot tell you is if you are looking at removing a load bearing wall; you really don't want to do that. You can plan all you want on interior design software but before you start taking down walls you may want to get a professional contractor's opinion just so your upstairs doesn't become your downstairs.
Another great function of interior design software is to see what a room would look like if you changed it's function. What if you wanted to turn one of your bedroom into a library.? You can use the software to see what it would all look like without moving a single real piece of furniture. Interior design project can get expensive and the best way to avoid unnecessary expense is to plan ahead.

When planning the interior of your new home or remodel, this software can be very helpful. Kitchen and Bathrooms are the trickiest room to plan. With a quality design program, designing these room is a snap. You can change the layout as many times as you want until you find the perfect space for you. In the Kitchen, you can Import actual appliances and counter top choice. You can put together your dream kitchen all on your computer. Home Interior design allows you to get a snapshot of you new space before it is finished.

Using a great Home Interior design software programs is the perfect way to design your home. It will help you to finalize your plans before your begin. This will help you save a lot a of time, money, and effort on changing elements after you begin. Home interior design software is truly the wave of the design future.

Free Zip Software

7-Zip, Free Compression Zip Software Solution

There are much types of archive file types that available makes User fell confused and difficult how to extract the files. Each of the files must be extracted using the software has been supported with the files types. 7-Zip is a software what can be used to extract all types of archive files. This software is all-in-one solution for Compression Software Solution.
A large amount of Archieve files extensions is suported by this software, such as:
  • .7z
  • .zip
  • .cab
  • .rar
  • .arj
  • .gzip (a Linux OS platform)
  • bzip2
  • .z
  • .tar
  • .cpio
  • .rpm
  • .deb, and much more.
7-Zip support for all types of archieve files. This software gives a "Self-Extracting" features for (.7z) files exstension especially. The updates of this software is always available frequently. It's is very useful software.
7-Zip Software usage a method called LZMA Compression. LZMA Compression is a Compression Algorithm using Lempel Ziv base. With this Algorithm make the software can be reduce the memory resource.
This application software is under GNU/ GPL public license. Absolutely, this software is free & open source.

For more info and software download: click here

AntiVirus Software Reviews

Are you need an AntiVirus Software guide? Are you still wonder dealing with computer viruses problem.? It's easy to fix a computer viruses problem, that can be easily removed with the right methods. A large amount of computer viruses user's worry unnecessarily about them when in facts there is need too.
A computer can be infected by large number of computer viruses types. It's important to remove computer viruses, because it can destructive. They can be potentially disrupt and delete any important files and entries in the system or even steal personal sensitive information for illegal and unauthorized purpose.
There are so many computer antivirus software products available today that sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Bellow tips to help you select the right solution about antivirus software:
  • Virus Definition Update- The best computer antivirus software offers automatic updates which ensure the best protection for your computer. New viruses threats emerge almoust daily so it's critical your antivirus software's virus definition database is updated frequently.
  • Effective Definition Update- Obvios point but need to fell-confident that your software will catch a vast majority of the virus threaths including worm, trojans, and other malware. Visit online website like PC World or CNets for trusted reviews.
  • User Interface- Needs to be easy to use so that you can configure that required setting without requiring any technical knowladge. It alsi needs to convey information in a plain English for the home user with easy-to-follow-instructions.
  • Technical Support- This is really important. The best packages offer free technical support. You will be suprised how many vendors actually charge for this-sometimes the charge per incident can be very high.
  • Value of Money- A lot of software vendors offer internet security suites which offer the AntiVirus software with other security tools including firewall software and spam filters. Typically these all-in-one packages offer butter value for money than buying a stand-alone antivirus software. At a minimun it is a important to consider buying a packages which includes a decent firewall which monitors both incoming and outgoing internet traffic in your computers. The standart Windows Firewall only monitors incoming traffic.
  • Integrated With Windows Security Centre- this allow you to make the most of a useful features of your Operating System. The security Centre monitors the security software on your computer to make sure it is properly, The last thing you want is continuous error messages from Windows OS.

Best DVD Burning Software

If you're looking for DVD burning software, you might find all of your options a bit confusing. The best places to start your search are technical magazine and especially is Internet. Online forums are good places to start your software research. The great things about forums is that they are full of people who have probably had the same problem or similar problem to the one you are having. They can be great source of Information. All you have to do is post your question in a forum and watch for answer to It. Forums also offer many opinions. Two heads, or, in this case hundreds of heads, are better than one, after all.
If Internet research doesn't help you to fix your DVD burning programs, try calling the manufacturer of the program. Usually, you can call them at toll-free telephone number. They should be able to help you with whatever problem you have.
There are several types of CD/DVD burning software available in the market. Some are freeware. If you are looking for Free DVD Burning Software, you can try Xilisoft DVD Creator to do job, this software always work well for me. It can convert popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, VOB to DVD and burn DVD movie playable on portable on home DVD player.
If yu want make/burn Video DVD from video files, there is an easy way, you can try RZ DVD Creator, it can create standart video DVD from any video files, it can directly convert and burn any video to DVD Media (DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-DL, DVD+DL, ETC), such as AVI to DVD, etc. It can burn multi video to one disc, and can auto fit the size.
While others can be bought at a price, comprehensive burning software likes Gear DVD Standart Edition, Roxio Easy Media Creator and Nero Profesional offer comprehensive writting features. On the hand, there are others software kits that may not be very comprehensive but cater to specific "burning" requirements, like creating audio DVDs, Video DVDs, and so forth. And essential bit of advice concerning software purchaces: it always advisible to undertake the initial trial offer before actually buying software.
An Inexpensive way of quicly burning DVDs is by using a computer. Using a computer with a DVD recorder and good off-the-shelf software, one can easily burn a good DVD. There is a lot of free DVD Burning Software available. BurnON, for example, is a comprehensive software package that can do all the basic burning task effectivelly. This Software is easy for newbie user, as it uses wizards that offer a step-by-step guide to burning.